Before the Endgame

"Before the endgame, the gods have placed the middlegame and the opening." This statement was made in response to the idea of teaching beginners to play Chess by having them start by learning endgames.

While looking at the values of pieces, I have found that one piece may be stronger some specific other piece in the opening and midgame, but weaker in the endgame.

Even in FIDE chess, there is a contrast between endgame and middlegame values.

It would be good if there were some way to measure piece values at different stages of the game, and given that it would be even better if there were some way of combining the endgame and middlegame values into an overall value.

However, part of the value of a piece depends on the composition of the rest of the army, the role of the piece in the army, and the piece's starting position on the board.

The idea of endgame advantage has some effects on practical play.

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