About the Organization of this document

There will be more, of course.

It's getting creaky, isn't it, showing its age? The first "chapters" were written years before the last ones, and if I had known I was going to write some of these things I would have organized it all differently.

I know that several subjects have appeared more than once. Perhaps this is disorganized and rambling. I'd rather hope that each time I revisit a subject, I approach it from a different angle and add new ideas to it; but I freely admit it's disorganized.

When I started to write part 5, which is about the difference between endgame values and midgame values, I had a hint of the ideas I was going to discover, but I really invented them as I wrote.

I found part 5 to be rather revolutionary.

During part 6, I was thinking about it, and now I'm going to take you back to the idea of calculating the values, with of course some new insights.

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