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This page is written by one of the game's inventor, SamuelCarey.

Diplomatic Chess

Invented by Samuel Carey and Derrick  Fernandez 

Article by Samuel Carey



This very good, we think, Chess variant was invented about four years ago. My friends and I invented this one to slow down the game a bit or actually to make it a bit more casual. 

This is a fun and simple game to play and probably good for beginner players as well, because the strategy tends to be a bit simpler.


Standard Chess setup, except that the Diplomat takes the place of the King.


Standard Chess pieces, except that the King is replaced by the Diplomat. This piece has the same movement abilities as the King, however the Diplomat may not be captured, because he has diplomatic immunity. Also, the Diplomat is not allowed to capture any of the opponent's pieces because he's just the friendly diplomat.

There is an added rule on this game that we use some times to prolong the game. The Diplomat is vulnerable to attack, but only to be pushed back one or two spaces to any space that is not already occupied. The attacking player chooses where to move the Diplomat, anywhere within two spaces as long as the path to the final space is clear. The attacking player may move the Diplomat to the side or back or diagonally back in any combination.

We give the Diplomat the extra ability to move every turn in addition to the player's regular move. However the diplomat may only move after the regular move and may not move two squares in one turn.

My friends and I usually play this game with a modified rule that gives the Pawns extra movement abilities so that  the game lasts longer. The Pawns are allowed to move one or two squares per turn, up or down, or left or right, however they may not move diagonally except to attack.


It is the same basic rules as regular Chess with the same board, except for a couple of key points. The King is not used in this game instead there is a piece called the Diplomat. So since the Chess piece usually referred to as the King has become the Diplomat, and could not be captured  how does one win the game? 

To win the game a player just needs to place his own Diplomat piece and his Queen on spaces in the opponent's back row, i.e. the first row in front of the opponent. To win a player must get  the Diplomat piece and the Queen on spaces that are side by side on the opponent's first row. The Queen could be on the left, or the Diplomat could be on the left. They could be on any two spaces in the opponent's first row, unless those spaces are already occupied. The corner spaces are ok. 

Then, to make the game a little more challenging, the defending player, who is just about to loose the game, has one last move to try to capture the opponent's Queen. If he is able to then the game keeps going; if he is not then the player who has successfully invaded his territory wins the game. 

However if the Queen is attacked and removed from the board the game continues until the other player wins, or loses his own Queen, which would be a drawn game.


Standard Chess equipment may be used. Use the King piece for the Diplomat.