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Classified Encyclopedia of Chess Variants is a book, magazine, journal or pamphlet. It is categorized as: Not categorized. This item is located on a site outside of

The Classified Encyclopedia of Chess VariantsA book, magazine, journal or pamphlet
. Second edition of the Encyclopedia of Chess Variants, now arranged by category.

Author: David B. Pritchard and John Beasley.


This is a new, expanded edition of the original Encyclopaedia of Chess Variants, published in 1994. For this edition over 200 new games have been added, and everything has been classified by type. The material for the book had been prepared by David Pritchard and, following his death in 2005, the text was completed and edited by John Beasley.

Note that several new variants from this site (The Chess Variant Pages) are included in this book! Just to name a few:

See also BoardGameGeek's page (where the following image comes from).

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Invented in the year 2007. [2006-2008]. [2002-2012].

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