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Joe Joyce wrote on 2007-10-27 UTC
Sometimes context can give a different perspective on one's words. From the previous comment on this game:
2007-10-22	George Duke Verified as George Duke	Excellent	Joe Joyce wrote under 'Proliferation' 19.Sept.07, ''Personally, I don't like rifle capture pieces and gimmicky pieces like planes. So right off the top I think it is a Poor game.'' --about this Chess-Battle. 

Following is the paragraph these 2 sentences were taken from:
Chess Battle; heck, I may just surprise you here. I am very conservative
in my approach to chess variants. Personally, I don't like rifle capture,
pieces that are invulnerable to all or most enemy pieces, and gimmicky
pieces like planes. I also don't much like mamras, wusses, or anti-kings.
SO right off the top, I think it is a poor game. However, been wrong
before, will be again, so would have to play the game before I could rate
it anything, since I can't give it a default 'good'. Because I don't
like something doesn't mean it's not a good idea. I will, quite likely,
design things that will use one or more of the 6 pieces I just panned,
assuming I think the design is good. Kriegspeil I find to be good, though
I've never played it - I like the idea a lot. Most of the 'wargame'
variants I looked at tonight, I did not like. But I am working on wargame
variants of my own. I just want them to be obviously chess variant
simulations of wargames [unless they play very well].
2007-09-19	Joe Joyce

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