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This page is written by the game's inventor, Ralph Betza.

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George Duke wrote on 2008-01-23 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Editor Quintanilla goodnaturedly rejected the idea of systematic, organized review of Chess Variant Page material I proposed January 2007 under pseudonym 'Charles Fort'. Starting June 2007 I have been doing it anyway, as half of my Comments, figuring that some relative newcomers, navigating the material and still being subjected to subpar Comments, lengthy and devoid of much content, by one poor prolificist ( who resents our honest evaluations after repeatedly requesting them), may appreciate it. The date here for 'Three Billiards...', by computer programming catch-up of files, '15.January.1996', inclusively came to cover several dozen CVPage articles from late 1995 too. Only few CVPage write-ups appear still to have '1995', somehow one or two '1994' also, when I am not sure CVPage was online as yet. Here Betza configures the Knight for Billiards, just referred to under Billiards Progressive, in one of the very first 40 or 60 CVPage write-ups. Betza suggests Cylindrical power equates with Billiards power, but the former would be stronger empowerment because of applying to all the pieces of a side.

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