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Sam Trenholme wrote on 2013-08-08 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
While I no longer play Chess variants, since Zillions is slowly languishing -- the Zillions developers currently have the same interest in their masterpiece as Morphy did in Chess after being established as world champion in that late 1850s; it is difficult, if not impossible, to contact the original developers about the game, and the database of games for Zillions games on their web site is down -- I have set up a mirror of all of the game rules files for Zillions that I can find (both from my own archives and from sites on the internet which still host Zillions rules files):

On a personal note, I like Zillions because it has an adjustable difficulty slider and can be set up to play some really fun club-level chess games full of cheesy mistakes (I have a file showing Zillions weaknesses when defending as Black against the Evans). Grandmaster-strength chess programs are like the master at the local chess club you never enjoy playing but who gives you great analysis to improve your chess. Zillions, on the other hand, is your fun-loving buddy at the local chess club who you love to play with because he will play whatever line (or even variant) you feel like playing, and because you can defeat him about half the time.

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