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This page is written by the game's inventor, Siwakorn Songrag.

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Bn Em wrote on 2021-11-17 UTC

Afaict, the page hasn't yet been accepted, and the spelling/grammar issues that Fergus raised persist which means it's still unlikely to be published as‐is.

Besides the issues already mentioned (‘rules’ 4 and 5 would be better as notes, if deemed necessary at all), I'd note that it doesn't seem necessary to separate out win/draw rules from the rest, and that the layout of the Setup section takes up far too much space imo (quadruple‐spacing? Really?) to convey information that could be given much more concisely by including a piece image next to each piece's name in the following section. The latter suggestion might even help alleviate the naming‐confusion issue a little (which, whilst it doesn't bother me as much personally (after all, irl players can call the pieces whatever they want), would still be nice to have an explanation for).

Also, below the diagram in the Setup section, the game is still referred to by the name Grand Chess

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