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Comments by dax00

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Server crash[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
dax00 wrote on 2021-09-21 UTC

I can't access my game that was interrupted. I hope that timed-out games (due to the site being down) will be playable soon.

Séj. Hidden Classical 8x8 variant employing two six sided dice.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]

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Chu Shogi. Historic Japanese favorite, featuring a multi-capturing Lion.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
dax00 wrote on 2021-06-04 UTC

I can't access my game.

"Syntax Error on line 200

The last expression is 10f. In for or foreach, it must evaluate to an array."

Nine elder (아홉 장로). Sittuyin + Shogi.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
dax00 wrote on 2020-09-29 UTC

It doesn't make any sense to use a piece whose movement is widely known to be that of the cannon (from xiangqi) and call it something else, while calling another piece a cannon. The solution is simple: switch the names to follow convention. Van to cannon, cannon to van.

Chu Shogi. Historic Japanese favorite, featuring a multi-capturing Lion.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
dax00 wrote on 2020-08-18 UTC

Until Adam's preset is fixed, I don't see much of a choice but to use the non-enforcing preset. Puzzles me why an update would just make things worse.

dax00 wrote on 2020-08-13 UTC

It still says "You may not move more than one piece per turn" when trying to pass the second step of a lion move.

dax00 wrote on 2020-08-11 UTC

The preset has recently been changed in a way that makes it worse than it was before. Now, simply typing "pass" for the second leg of a move does not append to the first leg, nor does the newly added "pass" button work as it should. I liked how HGM handled it in his Mighty Lion Chess preset.

Game Courier Logs. View the logs of games played on Game Courier.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
dax00 wrote on 2020-08-07 UTC

That is an improvement. I like how it assumes the move is complete after a non-capturing first step. I also like the "pass" button. Yes, a pre-selected lion would be an improvement.

dax00 wrote on 2020-08-07 UTC

Yeah, I liked how it was before better. The dropdown menu of legal moves is a good addition, so long as it doesn't interfere with a player's ability to click and move as one would normally do. I could see myself using the dropdown menu to enter lion moves (chu shogi) in the future, even considering the time it would take to scroll through 100+ legal moves.

Sac Chess. Game with 60 pieces. (10x10, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
dax00 wrote on 2020-08-05 UTC

Canadian "team" - singular. And by a loose definition of "compete", since the Toronto Blue Jays aren't particularly good, haven't won the World Series since 1993, and have only made the playoffs twice since then.

GAME code table-driven move generator[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
dax00 wrote on 2020-07-26 UTC

You left out a "d" in the last "sandbox". It works fine.

Shogi. Missing description (9x9, Cells: 81) (Recognized!)[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
dax00 wrote on 2020-07-03 UTC

Indeed, there is a rule against perpetual checking, as an extension of the repetition rule. The repetition rule states that if a position is reached for a 4th time, with same pieces in hand and same player to move, the game is no contest, whereafter colors are reversed and a new game is started. Players get to keep whatever remaining time they had, with a minimum time normally granted.

However, if such 4-fold repetition is a result of consecutive checks, with no single non-checking move, then that attacking player is at fault and loses. A player could potentially give dozens of consecutive checks, before the repetition becomes illegal.

Repetition is already rare enough, especially at the amateur level. Very few instances of perpetual check repetition occur. Most people who see it as a possibility deviate the 2nd or 3rd time around, or avoid it altogether. I found only a couple actually pertinent videos on Youtube under the search 連続王手の千日手

Chu Shogi. (Updated!) Historic Japanese favorite, featuring a multi-capturing Lion. (12x12, Cells: 144) (Recognized!)[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
dax00 wrote on 2020-06-13 UTC

Using my (pre-adjustment) piece value table, under early middlegame, the value ranges given are as follows:

  • Pawn -2.5/4/6 (Tokin 9/9.5/10)
  • Go-between 8/8.5/10
  • Bronze 6/8/9
  • Silver 8.5/10.5/11
  • Leopard 9.5/10.5/11
  • Lance 14.5/16 (White Horse 25/26/27)
  • Kirin 18/19/20
  • Bishop 24/26/29

Then I adjust the values using things I know about the position, which can easily swing them a further 20% for ranged pieces, 40% for small pieces, and 200% for individual pawns.

I wrote the table to suit my personal style, at the behest of one Andrej Trauner, so it may not be applicable to others. I believe it a safe assumption that my table is the most thorough estimate of chu shogi piece values in existence, especially when combined with the list of adjustments, which only exists in my head.

I don't put too much weight on material advantage when playing. It only accounts for roughly 35% of my evaluation, compared to about 60% for purely positional considerations.


dax00 wrote on 2020-06-13 UTC

It takes many tempi to attempt to promote a Lance. Edge attacks have never been my favorite, so I haven't had much experience in playing for such promotions, until very late in games. However, based off opponents who have tried to move along the edge files, and my defense against such attacks, I have concluded that early edge pushes require at least 20 tempi of preparation to be mildly successsful, against someone who is not exactly interested in the same. A player can comfortably defend, at least for a while, but the edge file attacker can get through at least one promotion exchange if they put enough in it, this usually being some exchange like Dragon-promoting for Rook. A player must be particularly careless to allow a Lance to promote safely and flee.

Overall, I don't rate Lances that highly, perhaps around the same as a Kirin.

dax00 wrote on 2020-06-13 UTC

So, I switched to Firefox. It appears to be working better now. Still very weak AI


dax00 wrote on 2020-06-12 UTC

Same with me.

1. Nf5 Cd11 2. Ne7 Ci11 3. Nxd8xe7 Ng8 4. h5 Nxe7

dax00 wrote on 2020-06-10 UTC

Excellent, passed all my tests. Thanks again! I will be using this preset from now on.

dax00 wrote on 2020-06-09 UTC

Would you share the link to your newest preset, Adam?

dax00 wrote on 2020-06-08 UTC

Just to make perfectly clear: any piece may capture a Lion, that has captured a Lion on the previous turn. Restrictions ONLY apply after a non-Lion captures a lion. This rule has been incorrectly written in some parts of this site, which I have complained about before. And thanks for working on a new preset, Adam ^^

I will test to make sure everything else is in order

Odin's Rune Chess. A game inspired by Carl Jung's concept of synchronicity, runes, and Nordic Mythology. (10x10, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
dax00 wrote on 2020-05-29 UTC

In either case, since a stalemate draw cannot occur, the obvious conclusion, whether or not a king can pass, is that the side with a lone king (or 2 lone kings) loses, either by it/them being taken, or being unable to move.

dax00 wrote on 2020-05-29 UTC

Seems clear to me. A player with only kings is forced to pass. "Checkmate" is not a thing. You just take the kings.

Vxf7 pass Vxg7 pass Kd6;-e6 1-0


Tenjiku Shogi. Fire Demons burn surrounding enemies, Generals capture jumping many pieces. (16x16, Cells: 256) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
dax00 wrote on 2020-05-08 UTC

I strongly dislike how the chu shogi renmei has approached a variety of things, and their incompetent leadership. The old texts clearly state that a lion moves two times one step (not one time two steps), and then assesses the move after each step. The JCSA also uses that ridiculous lance promotion rule.

The term is "sole protector", and yes, I am agreed that what should be assessed is whether a recapture is possible. 

To say a lion does not move for igui is laughable. The terminology arises from the possibility of taking a piece and returning, not some single extra ability to take a piece at distance, like a shooter. Since igui is a common 2-step hit-and-run tactic, there is a special name for it. Nothing more.

Anyways, my points about the promotions in tenjiku shogi logically follow, and it appears you have no objection at the heart of it.

dax00 wrote on 2020-05-08 UTC

As a historic game based off of chu shogi, tenjiku shogi rule philosophy should by default defer to chu shogi rule philosophy. Taking the legality after each step, we only need to consider the final step for any multiple-step mover when evaluating whether it can promote. And since capturing a piece while leaving the promotion zone is a perfectly valid way to promote, this should be clearly allowed.

Edit: Now that I've thought about it a bit more, you should not be able to promote if: an unpromoted piece begins in the promotion zone, captures a piece in the promotion zone on its first step, then on its second step makes a non-capture.

dax00 wrote on 2020-05-08 UTC

I tested out some promotion scenarios to see if the rules are enforced correctly. Everything seems to be in order, except for one case.

A lion enters the promotion zone on a non-capture, then exits the zone while capturing a piece. A promotion option should be visible.

Game Courier. PHP script for playing Chess variants online.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
dax00 wrote on 2020-04-27 UTC

I just won a game of chu shogi, but the system appears to have awarded the game to my opponent. Can someone fix this, please?

I played black the whole game, but on the final screen, it says I was white (??). If it's relevant at all, I sent my final move (with the "won" command) when the site was very laggy. There has been lots of lag recently.

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