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what is play test applet[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2022-05-05 UTC

Based on some comments in the past. I think there is a playtest applet, that can make something (code?) to show/generate legal moves. Does that exist? If yes, I have a blank board that I would like to add code so that it will show legal moves, and would like the playtest applet to make the legal moves/code.

frogsandprincess[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2022-05-05 UTC

I think this is ready to be published.

Possible bug in Grand Cavalier Chess[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2021-08-11 UTC
ok, great.   Thank you.

wdtr2 wrote on 2021-08-11 UTC
Hi Fergus, thank you for the reply.  I think there is a violation to this rule.  The following is an example:
1. H d3-c5 
1... h g8-h6 
2. I c1-g9 
2... x f10-g9 
3. H c5-d7 
3... x g9-h9 
4. H d7-f8 // - Check! -
4... x h9-i9 
5. C j2-j3 
5... q e10-e9 
6 . H F8-    Can not promote?
This was done in self-play mode. 2 people at the same PC.
In move #6 I thought the Cavalier could pop-into the last rank, and promote to the night-rider it lost.

wdtr2 wrote on 2021-08-08 UTC

I think I may have found an issue in Grand Cavalier Chess. In Self-play mode - 2 people on same PC. The Cavalier (Knight Pawn) is not able to get to the last rank for capture or promotion.


Question: according to the rules If you do not have any captured pieces the Cavalier can not promote. Can it go to the last rank for a capture and not promote if you have no captured pieces? ===

Can you check this?

Thank you.


The birth of 3 new variants - part 1 : Grand Apothecary Chess Alert[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2021-01-25 UTC

I think you can draw Allfarie pieces, with something like mspaint. Once drawn I think you need to work with the admins at this site to get the graphics installed into a particular web directory. Fergus has written a How-to on this. (I think). Your icons above look like Knight, Camel, Zebra, rook, bishop, ???, Gryphon. They are well done, but have a look/feel that is not as satisfying as an Allfarie piece. What got me interested in chess as a child was the pieces them selves, and the wood carvings. For your game, I love the introduction of the joker. It is a very interesting piece. If your game is showing legal moves I personally feel the arrow design is not needed. If you are making a commercial board game that is not a computer program, I admit your arrow piece set would be very useful.

This is just my opinion, and your piece set is well designed.

Omega Chess - Startup[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-12-31 UTC

On Omega Chess startup I am getting an error message.

compose_move: w1 is not a valid coordinate.
Go back and try again.

Shako_Balbo. Game with Diamond Shape Board.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-12-30 UTC

The rules page has been corrected. :) Thanks.

wdtr2 wrote on 2020-12-30 UTC

do you want me to delete the invitation?

omega chess via alphabetical index[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-12-25 UTC

When I click to go to the omega chess player. I see an error message like: SYNTAX ERROR IN USER INPUT: on turn 0: compose_move: w1 is not a valid coordinate. Go back and try again.

Hex Shogi 91 - Mouseclick question[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-11-01 UTC

Fergus, thank you for the fix. :)

wdtr2 wrote on 2020-10-31 UTC

I am hoping someone can test this. When I attempt to run/play Hex Shogi 91 and I hit the play button. (Two people playing on the same computer). It is the first move. I mouse click the black rook. The gray border comes up (good), I have 3 possible legal moves. They are 3 dark blue squares. I click a dark blue square, and the move does not work. I am using firefox ESR 78.4 Can other people make moves via mouseclick when playing two people on same computer? Note: You can enter the move via the manual/keyboard mode and that works.

Possible issue on the ability to make a move[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-10-18 UTC

Not sure what happened. It is working now. Thank you.

wdtr2 wrote on 2020-10-17 UTC

In my current game (active) "Catapults of Troy". It seems to be my turn. I click the game and the board shows up showing my opponent's last move. There is a Gray button saying "userid to move". So far so good, normal behavior. I click that button. A new screen appears the banner on that page says "Make and Preview Your Move" It shows the board but it seems to be missing a whole section/div. There is no textbox or any buttons where I can enter moves. I am sort-of stuck in pre-to-middle move with no ability to make a move. My other games that have "show legal moves" are working fine. I think this game has no programming code in it, and might not be interacting with the php modules that lets you make moves properly.

Game Courier Developer's Guide. Learn how to design and program Chess variants for Game Courier.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-08-26 UTC

I often click the opponent piece to review what moves it can do. This is quite useful in chess with different armies, or the zebra, because the zebra moves are different from game to game.

What moves can your opponent do.[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-08-24 UTC

This should show up on any game. I am playing shako right now. (me vs. panther) when I noticed the following" Click a piece and legal moves show up. (Fantastic!) I then move the piece (via click) and the button "confirm" comes up. (also good). In the past, if I clicked on an opponent piece at this time, I could see the legal moves that he/she could do on his/her turn. This showing of opponent moves occurs before you hit the confirm button. They would appear as dark blue squares. This ability seems to have disappeared for me. It is a nice thing to have, but in reality it is not a mandatory thing. If it is not too much trouble, do you think you can add it back?

Moves via mouse click[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-08-22 UTC

OK, never mind. I just cleared my file cache, and restarted firefox. It is now working. :) Thank you. False alarm. (Sorry about that)

wdtr2 wrote on 2020-08-22 UTC

LOL, well I can't tell Saturday from Sunday. doh!

*** Never mind ... I cleared file cache and restarted firefox, it is working now.

wdtr2 wrote on 2020-08-22 UTC

I hope I am not being a pain/nag, but the moves by mouse click is not working again for me. Sunday 8/22 13:22 EDT. Thank you for correcting this issue in the past. :)

Entering moves[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-08-19 UTC
The old method of entering moves via mouse clicks seems to be unavailable again. I'm on a desktop with the current version of firefox (in case it is a java script design).

Game Courier Logs. View the logs of games played on Game Courier.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-08-07 UTC

The same is true for me also. I think there was a tweak to the base code related to legal moves. When you mouse click your piece in the past a gray square came up. This does not occur anymore.

Shogi and legal moves[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-07-29 UTC

I think there was a tweak somewhere. Shogi is not showing legal moves, nor does it allow you to move via mouse clicks.

Chess piece names with period in them[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-07-21 UTC

if fn friend $moved:
   set msg join join $moved #codename " is friend";
   echo #msg;
elseif fn enemy $moved:
   set msg join join $moved #codename " is enemy ";
   echo #msg;
   set msg join join join $moved #codename " is not friend or foe " $moved;
   echo #msg;

I need advice on programming.  I have a piece that is .rf,  it appears to me the function friend / enemy is not working.  That function friend is using isupper or islower.  I am guessing that the Period in .rf prevents the function friend to determine if it islower.   

Any suggestions how I can add .rf to the function friend?

FrogsAndPrincess. Based on Princess and the Frog Story.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-06-21 UTC

This is mostly for HG and Fergus:  In your picture, is frog movement for white South?  If yes, you found a stalemate.  Looking at your picture, white is always at the bottom of the screen, so it appears to me that the frogs were never moved since the start of the game.  In that case both white frogs may move north.  I will think about your revision, it is a good idea, but I think coding it will be a nightmare.  I do not know how to set a legal move where clink on white princess, and click on white frog does not become a capture.  (it needs to become a swap?)   If I am luckly, maybe Fergus can give me a hint if that is possible.  The code I image is click on princess, click on frog.  Change the move from capture to a swap, and set a flag.  Now on pre-move look for frogs with flags set, convert to King.  That might work.  Fergus input is welcomed.  

HG:  I will remove my statement about stalemate.


wdtr2 wrote on 2020-05-30 UTC

This if for HG:  Yes, I consider the Queen on e8 not to be in check.  (and my existing version) is setup that way.

The King in "Frogs and princesses" is a little more agile, but that is moot.   In the example you gave me I did not consider that a stalement.  So the only move would be a king move, and that would be captured on the next move, thus a win.



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