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Murray Lion. Jumps two orthogonally or diagonally or captures on neighboring square.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Steve wrote on 2005-05-28 UTCGood ★★★★
imagine a Lion piece, it moves with a jump to all squares 2 squares
and also moves 1 square away- capturing where it moves in normal fashion.
  This is a stronger yet simpler MurrayLion, and it can for instance mate
a lone king with the opposition or a neighboring knights move away. These
mating positions become second nature.
  In the middlegame, if your opponent has moved the pawns near his king,
and he has rooks knights and bishops, your Lion just slowly strolls up
board toward the enemy king. The Lion will force mate,and your foes weak
pieces can't attack all the squares your Lion could move to- even though
they run around like a pack of idiots trying!
  All of this is simple enough, but this information probably hasn't
on this site before.
  I say this site needs more comments of this nature