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Sittuyin (Burmese Chess). Missing description (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2006-03-14 UTC
yes, it is true on the first move, the 1st player can check with ship, and
then check with pawn, and this players team mate can do the same, but
believe it or not, this is a bad opening for the players giving check!
they will lose a pawn, and have the worst position.
the king in this game, can safety move in the open, because of no queens
or bishops. Look at this example. (i'll call the bishop a ship)
1.Ship a1-c3, King a5-b4, Ship h8-f6, King h4-g5
2.h2-h3, King b4-c5, h7-h6, King g5-f4
now whatever the first player plays, he cannot stop the 2nd player taking
his 'a' pawn (with rook) because the 4th player can check next move!!
it is the old 'i can this crazy looking move, cause my team mate can check 
you next move', a common tactic in 4 player chaturanga.