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Jetan Variant Graphics. James Spratt's graphics for Jetan variant Game Courier presets.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
James Spratt wrote on 2006-05-21 UTC
Thanks, Joe.  Yeah, you do get kind of fond of a few of those little
Barsoomians, especially some of the little Barsoomianettes.  I think ERB
would approve, and am glad you do, too. I like highly-detailed graphic
icons, although I realize they're not essential to play.

Tony put up several presets for Jetan a while back, and we rassled with
the colors for a black-and-orange board with black-and-orange figures as
an alternate board (which really should be the official first preset) and,
although it's not filled out yet, I think it's stunning.  It's there in
the Alphabetical Index under Jetan presets.  The mapboard is a real 2' x
3' board I made for the 4-inch sculpted set, painted as a map of ERB's
Mars.  If you mean adding more decorative Mars-Art graphics, I might do
some around the border sometime, kinda low-key so's not to distract.

Thanks again for the positive rating, too!