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Treyshah. A commercial three-player hexagonal variant with 23 pieces a side. (Cells: 210) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Ben Good wrote on 2002-09-16 UTC
this is an interesting board and starting setup. is he still selling boards or are they all gone? did he sell pieces too or did you have to provide your own? i notice that besides needing 3 different colors and 3 bishops per sdie, each side also needs 14 pawns. i also notice that the knight is not really analagous to the orthogonal chess knight like in the glinski and mccooey games - it's really the hexagonal version of the zebra, and altho i haven't played the game yet, it's probably a very awkward and weak piece, i'm rather skeptical of the claim that the knight and bishop in this game are worth about the same amount.