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Single Comment

Courrier Chess ZIP file. A large historic variant from Medieval Europe.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Ben Good wrote on 2002-11-21 UTC
i can't get this to run, zillions is searching for the board bmp,
courierboard2.bmp or something, and it can't find it.  <P>

i'm also not sure i understand why this unzips the way it does.  noramlly
when i unzip zillions stuff, i tell winzip to unzip it to the
zillions/rules folder, and either a) the zrf appears right in the folder,
or b) it creates a subfolder that has the zrf, but that subfolder is given
the same name as the game, so i can find it easily.  in the case of
courier however, it creates - inside the rules folder - a folder called
'programs' and then a 'zillions of games folder' and then another 'rules'
and 'images' folder.  btw, it couldn't find the board whether i left the
zrf in this folder or if i dragged it to the main 'rules' folder.