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Amalgamated Chess. Incorporates some aspects of historical variants, but uses only usual equipment. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Cameron Miles wrote on 2014-03-01 UTC
Wow, 3 weeks... I guess I should check the comments section a little (or a lot) more frequently!

I would generally agree that it's best to avoid over-complicating a ruleset if at all possible, as long as nothing is left ambiguous or open to interpretation. Of course, when designing new chess variants, it's not always possible to foresee every potentially unclear situation that may arise in a game - which is where playtesting comes in.

My first A.C. game on Game Courier ended last week. It really was quite a short game, disappointingly; a few early missteps by White compounded into a lost position within the first 15 moves, so not as much was learned about the middle and later phases as I would have liked. 

The G.C preset for this game has some shortcomings, as well: there are no promoted forms for any of the pieces, nor are the river or side boundaries (for the royal pieces) marked in any way. And obviously, no rules are enforced, either. Nevertheless, I'd be happy to play a game, if you're still interested.