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Amalgamated Chess. Incorporates some aspects of historical variants, but uses only usual equipment. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Cameron Miles wrote on 2014-03-30 UTC
OK, so after thinking about it a bit, it does seem that a revised opening setup, with the undefended b, f, and g-pawns advanced forward one square, should solve the opening problems associated with the current version of the game. What convinces me of this is simply that Black can immediately cover all fifth-rank squares with the move 1...c7-c6, and it will be awhile before either side can come storming across the river to mount an attack. So the resulting opening phase should be very well balanced.

For aesthetic and practical purposes, it might be best to also advance the c-pawns forward one square. This would restore mirror-symmetry to the pawn formations, as well as sparing players the monotony of mindless c2-c3 and c7-c6 moves at the beginning of every game.