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Kramnik plays Thai Chess. Two sample games of Thai Chess, one by Chess world champion Kramnik.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Manuel wrote on 2016-12-29 UTC

Makruk is easier than international chess,the tactic are more easy, strategic only if you have a blocked position   . You have to calculate the endings, many times are DRAWS because the thai makruk rules. A example of  the more played opening defense :  1. Bc2 (more flexible),  Bf7 2 Nd2, Ne7  3 e4, c5 4 Qf2, d5 5 Qe3 ,d5. 6 f4 Qc7 7 Nf3,  Nc6 .8 b4, g5 9 Bb3 , Bg6 10. Bf2, Qd6 11 Kc2,Bc7 .12 a4, b5 =   The queen many time is exhange for  one pawn  to create two chained pawns.