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Frog Chess. Play chess with added frogs (ferz-threeleaper compound) on 10x8 board.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
wdtr2 wrote on 2017-11-24 UTC

Is this ready to play?  Does a 3-leap mean the frog can only leap out 3?  Can it leap out 2?  See the ? in the diagram.


Also I sort of want more frogs!  Remove bishops and put in frogs for a total of 4 frogs?  good idea?  Once you loose a frog you've lost access to 1/2 of the board. What do you think of a pond in the center where a frog can jump in (1 move), make 1 orthogonal move in the pond (2nd move), and then leap out (3rd move).  This would make a diagonal switch to the other side of the board.  Please invite me.  I'd like to play this game with you.