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Wide Chess. Chess with 2 types of non-colourbound elephants added on a 12x8 board using fast castling rules.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Kevin Pacey wrote on 2019-11-21 UTC

Here's a (10x8) variant I stumbled onto that has castling rules somewhat similar to that of Wide Chess, in that a king may pass over squares under attack (though not finishing on such a square, nor is castling legal if the K is initially in check). So, a sort of precedent for (part of) the special fast castling rules used in Wide Chess (and subsequently in a number of other CVs I've invented since):

Here's another sort of precedent, perhaps, in that in the following (12x12) CV, a king, if not in check, may (with its initial move only) leap to an unoccupied (& unattacked) square on its back two ranks (including possibly 'over' any attacked square)- though this does not include a change of position by a rook or any other piece, as part of the special leap process: