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Mosaic Chess. Large variant combining pieces from various other games.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Carlos Cetina wrote on 2022-01-14 UTC

Testing the preset of this variant using the PLAY someone at the same location resource, I got to a position that shows that there is a bug.

After the following moves

1. P g4-g6

1 ... p g9-g7

2. Z i1-g4

2 ... c g10-g9

3. Z g4-i7

3 ... c g9-g8

4. P f4-f5

4 ... a e11-i7

5. S e3-f4

5 ... a i7-d2; q-dest

6. S f4-g5

6 ... q d2-i7

7. A h2-f4

7 ... q i7-i3 // - check! -

White has only 2 moves for removing the check: 8. E j3-i3 and 8. I k3-i3

However, the first is banned by the software warning that

g4 is empty. Use your browser's BACK button to go back to the previous page, then reload if necessary. If this is your settings file, you may edit it at .php? game = Mosaic + Chess & settings = mosaic & submit = Edit 

while when wanting to perform the latter, the software asks

Which piece will you promote to? 

showing a menu of 19 options, all pieces of the blue side.

EDIT: Just realized that moving 8. U j1-i3 cancels the check correctly but does not invalidate the gist of the report.