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Fergus Duniho wrote on 2022-05-01 UTC

I found some functions for converting between the RGB and HSL color spaces, and using them got rid of the problems I was having with making the Black Motif or Magnetic pieces white. However, using them to make the Black Alfaerie pieces white would turn them grey, and trying to make White pieces grey would leave them white. To avoid these problems, I had the function choose between the old RGB recoloring method and the new RGB->HSL->RGB recoloring method based on the relative luminosity of the two colors and on whether it was converted from a true color image. If the new color has a higher luminosity, and it was not converted from true color, it will use the new method. Otherwise, it will use the old method. In my tests, this seems to be working out for the Abstract, Alfaerie, Magnetic, and Motif pieces.