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DrZ's Chess. Chess with a 3rd row added behind and new pieces. (8x10, Cells: 80) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on 2022-05-20 UTC

Like other comments, I would recommend changing the name of non-standard pieces to names which more usual in chess variants and also because the names which are used now are well known to play differently.

Archbishop > Vao. If Vao is not appreciated there is Arrow, Bow. I use Crocodile in all my variants for some criticisable reasons.

Chancellor > Guard or Mann or Prince

Elephant > Camel

Hawk > Dragon King or Admiral or Sailor

Archbishop is widely used for Bishop+Knight, Elephant for Ferz+Alfil, Chancellor for Rook+Knight, Hawk for ADGH.

This is just an opinion and a suggestion, the author is free to decide of course.