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A Wizard for GAME-Code Generation. A tutorial on using the Play-Test Applet for automating Game Courier presets.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on Tue, Jan 2 07:41 AM UTC in reply to H. G. Muller from Mon Jan 1 11:14 PM:

This is just a testimony. I'm not a champion in coding and sometimes I don't understand 100% of what I'm doing, but the Wizard is really very good to generate a game code for GC. I have done it for Bigorra, for Camel Decimal Chess and yesterday for Patchanka. The only difficulty I had is when I have several different promotions to manage. I had to use the "morph" instructions and this is not given automatically by the Wizard. I solved my difficulty by copying from the Bigorra's GC where that issue had been solved for me by someone else.

What I found strange in the full process of submitting a new game with "all features inside" is to write 1) a regular page for presenting the game (in which I now put the ID in the Setup section) like this one; 2) a page "play" for presenting the GC preset where some information is duplicated, and the diagram is often shown with wrong pieces as it uses default pieces, like this one; 3) the preset itself where the Wizard is helpful indeed, like this one.

Maybe the process could be simplifed a bit, for instance I'm not sure that the page 2) is really useful.

I do not discard also that I'm doing something not optimal. I have often the feeling that Fergus, HG you are doing your best to help us (and you do it very nicely and kindly) but you do not always realize how much things looking simple for you can be difficult for common people with no specific education in coding.