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Chess for ThreeBROKEN LINK!. Three-player Chess with standard pieces and moves.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Donald Seagraves wrote on 2004-08-21 UTC
A few warnings on this link: <p> 1. If you go to <a href=''></a> a new page will pop-up with the actual site -- if you use a browser or have software that squashes pop-ups this link won't work. If this happens, you can access the *actual* page at <a href=''></a> <p> 2. If the page does pop-up, it may be too small and may not be resizable -- this happened to me using IE. If this happens, press Control-N and a new window will appear that you can resize, or you can just enter the <a href=''>above address</a> in the address bar of your browser. <p> 3. The actual page uses <a href=''>shockwave/flash</a> rather than plain ol' html, so you'll need to have that plug-in installed (most people already do, as it is a popular format) <p> Except for these few quibbles, it is a well-designed site and very informative.