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Kramnik plays Thai Chess. Two sample games of Thai Chess, one by Chess world champion Kramnik.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Poompat wrote on 2005-03-09 UTC
Just out of curiosity (because I don't know when this page was written),
is the mentioned match between Kramnik and Thai Chess champion still

But more importantly, if it will happen, that will be great for publicity
of both Chess (int'l) and Thai Chess in Thailand.  And if there is
anything we ( can do to help, would be nice if
someone contact us....  Why? It would be best, should Kramnik come here,
to play with the best player of Thai Chess in Thailand... Not to
Mr. Tor Paknam in anyway, but it would be better to have the No.1 Thai
Chess player (FM Suchart Chaivichit) to play with Kramnik (FM Suchart
Chaivichit is acknowledged to be the greatest Thai-Chess player as well
top Int'l chess player in Thailand who won a gold-medal in the Chess
Olympiad many years ago, while Mr. Tor Paknam is NOT the Champion of