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Grandkingdom Chess. A decimal variant with several powerful pieces. (10x10, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2005-02-19 UTC
'GHI,Large CV': Billing as 'a new expansion for dynamic interaction' is dubious with such great power density and Pawns about unchanged. Add to the regular 16 pieces, one Amazon(R,B,N), one Cardinal(B,N), two Marshalls(R,N), two 'Crossbow-Knights(N+Vao), two 'Archer-Lords'(Cannon+Vao). Vao is used here of course to mean the diagonal equivalent of Chinese Cannon. At least there are no (Cannon+N)s or (Cannon+B)s. Yet each one of the eight new pieces are more than 1.5 times Rook-value. There would not be much finesse in play of Grandkingdom Chess.

Lim Ther Peng wrote on 2004-04-14 UTC
It can capture when it is not jumping, but it must land on the square occupied by the just captured enemy piece.It cannot capture that enemy piece and land on some other empty square beyond.It can move without capturing when it is not jumping.It can jump only if it is capturing.It can jump over one piece only and it can only jump once in each move.It must land on the square occupied by the just captured enemy piece (after the jump).If it is not capturing, it cannot jump.Thank you.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2004-04-12 UTC
Does jumping over 'only one piece' also exclude capturing by jumping over less than one piece, i.e. capturing withouit jumping?

Lim Ther Peng wrote on 2003-06-21 UTC
The jumping piece can only jump once over one friendly or enemy piece if it is capturing. Thank You.

Robert Shimmin wrote on 2003-06-19 UTC
Please clarify... can jumping pieces jump over any number
of pieces between their starting point and the piece they
capture, or only one?

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