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Optimized Chess - 8H x 10WA game information page
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Reinhard Scharnagl wrote on 2007-08-12 UTC
10x8 Chess is an exiting synthesis of decimal and dual approaches to board geometries preserving the Pawns' typical way to promotion and supporting all double combinations of Chess' elementary gaits of Rook, Bishop and Knight.

Even though CRC covers most of the relevant named 10x8 starting arrays (or its mirrors) there is no need to hide some specialized models because of the existing of some more popular or commercial representants. Because of that it is to be welcomed, that some balanced starting arrays will get and improve their own named life.

The public is invited to check out and popularize some of those approaches. But there is no need at all to extinguish references of such, e.g. simply because of the existence of a patented one.

Derek Nalls wrote on 2007-08-12 UTC
Opti Chess
articles for deletion

This is an interesting development.
Please check it out.

Get involved if you want to prevent zealots of Gothic Chess from
destroying the mention of other significant chess variants in the world-
esp. games that are related to it.

Derek Nalls wrote on 2006-04-24 UTC
You make a very good point I had failed to consider.  I apologize for my
mistake.  I intended no harm.  

The SMIRF download at my Opti Chess web page has been removed while the
invitation to visit your SMIRF web page remains.  

I trust this arrangement is now to your liking.

Reinhard Scharnagl wrote on 2006-04-24 UTC
Hi Derek, I actually would prefer the SMIRF-Install download to be provided at my http:/ site only, because people also should have the chance to spend some money for this multivariant project, perceiving that SMIRF is a donationware program.
Thank you. With best regards, Reinhard.

Namik Zade wrote on 2006-04-24 UTCGood ★★★★
Design is very good!

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