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Fairy Pieces Part 1. Missing description[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Charles Gilman wrote on 2012-02-28 UTCGood ★★★★
Given that this list is primarily of alphabetically-ordered literal translations of the Japanese names, non-Shogi names such as Bishop and Rook look a little out of place. You've quite rightly got Free King as translation of Hono, and said that it moves like the Queen, so you could do the same with Flying Chariot (Hisha - moves like a Rook) and Angle Mover (Kakugyo - moves like a Bishop). Likewise the translations of Kyoosha and Keima are Fragrant Chariot and Honourtable Horse. I don't know the literal translation of either Bahei or the other name for the Knight, Choma - which uses a different character from the Cho meaning boar. Incidentally, I see that alongside the Free King are a Free Gold (Honkin), Free Silver (Hongin) et cetera, so is there also a Free Copper (Hondo)?

Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2012-02-29 UTC
Charles, thanks for info.

Yes, there is a 'Free Copper' piece, the reason i did not add it was that it moves exactly like the 'White Horse'. There are 3 pieces that have the same movement as other pieces in this collection, i didn't notice it till after they were done, i just left them anyway. But i guess it's all still information on pieces, so, i've added the 'Free Copper' now also.

The 'rook' and 'bishop' names, yes, of course these are not translations of the japanese names. All info on pieces comes from Wikipedia game pages, and, for some reason, everyone seems to call these pieces 'rook' and 'bishop', without any mention of 'flying chariot' and 'angle mover', except for the page on 'standard shogi 9x9'. I dont know why this is so, maybe because the names are so well established, or for easy finding of these pieces, not sure. I have now added in 'help' (this is the info you see when you mouse over a piece within 'zillions') this info for these pieces. Also, on wikipedia, you always find 'pawn' and 'king', which are not japanese translations.

I also added 'honorable horse' info to the 'Keima' piece.
What is this 'Kyoosha' name referring to? Sorry, i'm not sure what this is.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2012-02-29 UTC
For some reason you have Kyoosha as Kyosha - it's under Lance, which is neither a translation nor a FIDE piece. Thanks for pointing out Pawn, which is even more anomalous for a piece that does not even move as a Pawn. Fuhyo translates as Foot Soldier. Regarding the King, one player's is known as Osho (King's General) and the other Gyokusho (Jewelled General). I understand Bahei now, I was a little confused as it was new to me and I knew the Knight as Choma (in Okisaki Shogi, if I remember rightly) earlier on.

Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2012-02-29 UTC
Yes writing as 'pawn' is strange, i guess it plays the role of a pawn, but it's true, it's not a 'pawn'. I wrote in 'foot soldier' info now. And the 'king', yes i knew about the two different names for each side, i should add that info under 'King' also.

Well, i tell you why i have 'Kyosha' in 'Lance' info, on Wikipedia, the 'Lance' is in many, many variants, and in every single one, this is the name that is written for the 'Lance'.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2012-03-02 UTC
I get the feeling that over this century a lot of people's famous last words will be 'It said so on Wikipedia' - although my issue is more with what, if I've understood correctly, wasn't there. The sha is the same character as the one in Hisha, and this is probably a refernce to one piece having a subset of the other's move.

Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2012-03-05 UTC
I wasn't planning on adding more pieces, i was just going to update with info on what games some of the pieces play in, but i've now added 10 more pieces anyway, to make 153 pieces all up.

It's looking good to go up on zillions for download next week i'd say.

edit; with some talk to do with CWDA lately, with more armies, it should be pretty easy to add a shogi army, seeing there so many different pieces to help make it all balanced with fide army.

Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2012-03-09 UTC
Hey, Fairy Pieces Part 2 is coming soon, it is all non-shogi pieces. Charles, i have added some of your pieces (Knave, Debtor, Zebshal, Goldpastun etc). I wouldn't mind your input on this, i can't see an email for you, email me if you want to talk about this please, i can send you what i have done so far (text).
You too Mr. George Duke, Jörg, Joe, or ANYONE  interested in seeing what i have done right now, which is over 130 pieces. This is much harder to do than the shogi pieces, of course, because of the problem of naming them and info on what other names they have appeared under (within reason) and where they first appeared (what game).
Names are considered either by what they are commonly known as, or what they were first called, which can be a problem. This will be released on a couple of zrf's. It will be first of all put up on this site, so people can see and correct my errors regarding the naming etc etc and also suggest pieces to be added.

Jörg Knappen wrote on 2012-03-09 UTC
Christine, feel free to use my email address as given here for questions or sending drafts to me (pdf format preferred, html is also good. I'm on Linux and don't have ZoG here.). Currently I am reading my emails frequently.

Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2012-03-09 UTC
yep i know you dont have zillions, i was meaning text, thanks, i will send it soon, just need to clean it up a tad.

pallab basu wrote on 2012-03-09 UTC
I use Linux and run ZOG very successfully through wine. It is almost 100% perfect with no glitches and problems.

Tom R. Becker wrote on 2012-03-10 UTC
Hey if you like make more symbols of shogi pieces, will they be posted in here or on another page? And by the way, here's an idea. For the rook general, why not use the symbol for the Great Rook from Catyclysm? Also, how about using pieces on fire? You know what I'm talking about. Try going from there.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2012-03-10 UTC
I am interested to see you mention the Zebshal. Are you wondering about other Zebra compounds such as Zerdinal (Bishop+Zebra), Eze (Queen+Zebra), Zebksman (Cannon+Zebra), Zereerist (Arrow+Zebra), and Ezcountant (Tank+Zebra)? Are you wondering how other compounds of a Rook and a colourswitching oblique leaper? In this case I note that the mar- of Marshal means a horse and therefore substitute the first three letters of the oblique component - Zebshal, Girshal, Antshal, et cetera.

Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2012-03-12 UTC
yes charles, i would be interested in adding those pieces. 
the Zebshal is your original piece, right? .. if you send me an email i can send the text i have on the pieces i've done, if you can't, when the page goes up here you can help correct errors and add input.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2012-03-19 UTC
I have sent an e-mail but have yet to receive a reply. Did it get through to you all right?

Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2012-03-19 UTC
oh sorry, hotmail put it in junk, i can't imagine why, it's really stupid how it does that, yep i'm an inch away from having something, will reply soon Charles, thanks.

Jörg Knappen wrote on 2012-04-06 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
I have taken the time to cross-check the list of Shogi pieces with the sources I have. I found no errors (but I discovered some in my own transcripts ...).

A few comments: The Chinese Cock moves differently in Taikyoku Shogi on one side and Maka Dai Dai Shogi and Tai Shogi on the other side. The movement pattern given here is the Taikyoku pattern. A piece with the same move is known as Blind Dog (Moken) in Wa Shogi.

Old Kite and Old Kite Hawk are different translations of the same japanese word (kotetsu), what is named old-kite-hawk here is the piece from Taykyoku Shogi.

Savage Tiger (or with different translation of moku: Fierce Tiger) has different moves in Taikyoku Shogi (like a Lance), Dai Dai Shogi (the move given here represent english sources; japanese Wikipedia has 2 steps diagonally forward), and Heian Dai Shogi (moves as Cat Sword, better known in the west as Ferz).

Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2012-04-06 UTC
thanks for info, i will add it soon.
i'm glad to hear no 'gross' errors, at the end there 
everything was getting blurry and rolling into one, 
it's a wonder really there is no mistakes.

Sorry, i know this is overdue for zillion file release.
i will update page for when i will release, it will 
be soon, (this month for sure) but i will add yet one 
more piece, i found a little more strength to add more, hehe.

T. Becker wrote on 2016-12-18 UTC

Please tell me there will be a Fary Pieces part 2 page soon.

T. Becker wrote on 2018-10-13 UTC

Now that it is possible to mess around with the alfaerie piece images, you should be able to work on a part two very easily.

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