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MSpawns-in-hats[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
danielmacduff wrote on 2016-01-20 UTC
This is indeed a problem.  Possibly the kingly crown could create non-royal kings and players could begin with one "real" king which is the object of mate.

Chris Chradle wrote on 2016-01-19 UTC
I see one problem with this variant. In almost any case you can dispose the kingly crown, and prevent mate. You can only mate your opponent, when you have a king yourself, but I don`t think this is enough encouragement to keep your king. The funny thing is, that I'm currently working on a chess variant, where the king arises during the game, I have no problems with alternative ways to win, but it should always be possible to force mate in a superior position. Otherwise it`s rather an ordinary boardgame than a chessvariant.

Maybe I have just got your rules wrong. Please excuse my awkward english^^

greetings Chris

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