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Round Honeycomb Chess. A cross between Circular/Cylindrical Chess and Hexagonal Chess. (9x11, Cells: 99) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Aurelian Florea wrote on 2018-09-04 UTC

Cool Idea :)!

Ben Reiniger wrote on 2018-09-03 UTC

We have three round+hexagonal variants listed here (at least that are categorized as such):,Round
and all three of them opt for drawing the board round—stretching the hexagons as necessary—rather than just drawing the hexagonal board and including the rule for wrapping from one side to the other.  I suppose some of the wraparound moves might be harder to see; but I think the knight moves in the last image here are also a little difficult, maybe because of the warping of the outer hexes.

Anthony Viens wrote on 2018-09-03 UTC

WILD.  Wow....interesting idea.

David Cannon wrote on 2010-02-27 UTC
Done now:-)

David Cannon wrote on 2010-02-27 UTC
I've got to run to work. I'll come back tonight and add a few details - as well as the Zillions file I've programmed:-)

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