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Super Knights Grand Chess. Missing description (10x10, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jeremy Good wrote on 2007-08-16 UTC
Bears some resemblance to an old variant called sometimes Turkish Great Chess #1 or sometimes just Great Chess, but also Indian/Turkish Grand Chess, etc. Of course, without the knights, but like the other, has amazon, chancellors, one cardinal, one queen.

Here is my own most recent attempt at a variant combining all these pieces: 90 FIDE Chess Kamil with two pairs of each simple, one pair of each combination and one ternary piece.

90 FIDE Chess Kamil is untested and doesn't look terribly appealing to me at the moment.

One larger variant I've enjoyed with enhanced knights is Gast Chess. Gast Chess works very nicely in making the longer distances less significant.

David Paulowich wrote on 2007-08-17 UTC

The idea of placing all 3 Super Knights on the board goes back to The Sultan's Game, an 11x11 variant invented by L. Tressan in 1840. EDIT: and goes back centuries before that, as Jeremy commented yesterday. After posting my Unicorn (Great) Chess variants, I somehow managed to forget all about the pieces in the original Great Chess!

Sam Trenholme wrote on 2007-08-17 UTC
The tables look poor in Firefox and make the board unreadable. Please do some more cross-browser testing; 20% of your readers don't use Internet Explorer.

Here is an image you may wish to use which I just made, based on the game courier preset:

charles wrote on 2007-08-17 UTC

Thanks for the comments!

My concerns with this game are that the pieces might be a bit too powerful, white might have an advantage as a result and/or quick exchanges might be more frequent.

I am working on what I think is a very good playable variant also on a 10*10 with a similar idea (of making the knights more powerful), only I think it is a lot more balanced, and more exciting because of some new very unique pieces.

Stay tuned.

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