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Murray Lion. Jumps two orthogonally or diagonally or captures on neighboring square.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Guest wrote on 2015-08-19 UTC
So, has anyone tried Gollon's version of chu shogi with the Murray Lion? Is chu shogi with drops playable, enjoyable, or just impossible because of a crown prince leading to impasse? Is there a ZRF of it floating around?

Steve wrote on 2006-04-10 UTCGood ★★★★
I like a Lion-like piece that moves like a man and jumps to any square two squares away. This piece delivers mate by itself, needing no help from its own king. It gradually forces the enemy king to an edge square, and mates from the 'opposition' square or on either of the 2 sqs a knight's move away from the king adjoining the opposition square. The same mate from the same 3 squares can be forced by the Amazon. Mate can be forced by the R+B+Man in exactly the same way as the 2 pieces above. However, the R+B+Man can deliver mate only from the opposition square, that is R+B+Man on 'e6' mating a king on 'e8'.

David Paulowich wrote on 2006-02-24 UTC
Murray Lions are also used in Wormhole Chess (Fergus Duniho, 2000). I suspect that King and Murray Lion can force checkmate against a lone King on a standard board (with no wormholes). Not sure if the lone King must be driven to one particular corner of the board, in order to force checkmate.

David Paulowich wrote on 2005-05-28 UTC
Steve, the Chancellor (BAD NAME!) in Sidney LeVasseur's 'Kings Court' is a sort of short range Amazon, which can move to any location that is one or two squares away. LeVasseur decided to limit the power of this piece by adding a King’s Flight rule - a move alllowed to the King when it is in check by the opponent's Chancellor.

Steve wrote on 2005-05-28 UTCGood ★★★★
imagine a Lion piece, it moves with a jump to all squares 2 squares
and also moves 1 square away- capturing where it moves in normal fashion.
  This is a stronger yet simpler MurrayLion, and it can for instance mate
a lone king with the opposition or a neighboring knights move away. These
mating positions become second nature.
  In the middlegame, if your opponent has moved the pawns near his king,
and he has rooks knights and bishops, your Lion just slowly strolls up
board toward the enemy king. The Lion will force mate,and your foes weak
pieces can't attack all the squares your Lion could move to- even though
they run around like a pack of idiots trying!
  All of this is simple enough, but this information probably hasn't
on this site before.
  I say this site needs more comments of this nature

David Paulowich wrote on 2004-09-04 UTC

The Lion used by Antoine Fourrière, in Bilateral Chess and Jacks and Witches 84, is a weaker chess piece. But the Murray Lion itself is currently quite popular. Glenn Overby uses it in his Abecedarian Big Chess, Beastmaster Chess, and Decimal Chess - now called Meirìqí (Beautiful Sun Chess). Some other chess variants using this piece are:

Year *** Game *** (Piece Name) *** Game Inventor

1999 Centennial Chess (Murray Lion) John William Brown

1999 Millennial Chess (Murray Lion) John William Brown

1999 Jester Chess (Murray Lion) Thomas Havel

2003 Treeleaders Chess (Murray Lion) Erez Schatz

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