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Calculation of Piece ValuesBROKEN LINK! Adobe Acrobat file. Link to an essay on attack values, material values, relative piece values.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Abdul-Rahman Sibahi wrote on 2006-10-01 UTC
I managed to calculate the Ideal attack values, but I was in a loss when it
can the the practical values.

Te Ideal values I reached are these : P 10.00 N 61.02 B(centre hex) 30.51
B(corner hex) 30.00 R 75.42 Q 265.94 K 76.27

I calculated the hexes attacked by a pawn as the hexes he can CPATURE to,
not move. I am not sure if this is right.

Derek Nalls wrote on 2006-10-01 UTC

Although the method can be adapted to hexagonal-spaced boards, doing so is a significant extra effort that I do not consider justified. Generally, hexagon and triangle spaced games are unstable and/or inferior compared to square spaced games. Even if this is not the case with Glinski's in particular, games based upon hexagonal spaces still have no special interest to me personally.

Feel free to apply the method to all games that interest you and publish the results to the benefit of other likeminded individuals. That is what I most want people to do. To learn it and use it. That is why I published it. No need to publish it if I just do it myself every time someone asks.

Abdul-Rahman Sibahi wrote on 2006-09-30 UTCGood ★★★★
How about Glinski's Hexagonal Chess ?

Derek Nalls wrote on 2006-03-27 UTC
At 29 pages currently, I am still refining the model.  Accordingly, I
have recently started calculating material values for chess variants
(other than my own) having fairly well-established (hopefully),
published calculations or estimates of their relative piece values.
I am having difficulty finding suitable games for comparison.
Thusfar, I have made calculations for only 5 games with somewhat
satisfactory results.  I need more test cases. Any recommendations would
be appreciated.

Hex Chess

Fischer Random Chess
(including Chess)

Omega Chess

Capablanca Random Chess

Wildebeest Chess

Derek Nalls wrote on 2006-03-20 UTC
This work has been substantially revised and expanded recently to 29 pages. Please check it out again.

Derek Nalls wrote on 2005-02-22 UTC
[Comment voluntarily deleted.]

Larry Smith wrote on 2005-02-22 UTC
[Comment voluntarily deleted.]

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