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Tamerlane chess: ms 7322 version. Information on historic variant of Tamerlane chess. (11x10, Cells: 112) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Mason Green wrote on 2005-02-21 UTC
Does anybody know why it's called 'ms 7732'? I know the 'ms' doesn't
stand for Microsoft or multiple sclerosis, but I don't know what it
really stands for.

John Lawson wrote on 2005-02-21 UTC
'ms' stands for 'manuscript', i.e. a handwritten book. MS 7322 is a particular manuscript, catalogue number 7322, in the collection of the British Museum. It is referenced in Murray's 'History of Chess'.

Abdul-Rahman Sibahi wrote on 2006-09-29 UTC
The board with the illustrations is a little different from the diagram in
Arabic script; namely, the bull pawn and the elephant pawn are switched.

And, the word 'lakham' is represented by a crocodile in the diagram. I
looked it up in a dictionary and it says it is an old word for sharks,
with no mention of crocodiles. I am not sure about this, so I'll see what 
it means in an old dictionary sometime later.

If the whole manuscript is scanned and posted I can help to translate the
rules of the game and the movements of pieces.

Garth Wallace wrote on 2014-11-13 UTC
Are there any surviving sets for Tamerlane Chess, or is the game known only from descriptions in manuscripts? Does anyone know what the pieces looked like?

John Ayer wrote on 2014-11-16 UTC
No playing sets survive.  The original accounts contain remarks about the shapes of a few pieces.

Garth Wallace wrote on 2014-12-04 UTC
Do you know if anyone has translated those descriptions?

Actina Ontorres wrote on 2015-06-07 UTC
You can print a Tamerlane Chess set here:

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