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Amphibian Chess ZIP file. Pieces capture by leaping when there's a square past the target, or by replacement when the target is on the edge.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Derek Nalls wrote on 2005-02-13 UTC
[Comment voluntarily deleted.]

Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2003-10-03 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Well, here is new material for analysis. I agree, blocked positions can happen in the main variants, but this is the fact: It CAN happen, as it can happen in FIDE-CHESS, but I disagree with the inventor: it is not a necessary norm, all of us are 'diletants' about a game that is in our hands a few hours ago. My first tests yesterday say that the game is nice, with its own characteristics. Game ends are enjoyable. Blocked positions are not the norm, if you play trying to avoid it. And blocked positions can be broken in some situations. Pieces are less powerful in closed games,and generally speking less powerful than in Chess...but, is it a bad thing?. What is the criteria?. For now, we have four variants, so comparissons may come, and may be controversial. I think the variants are not well comparable, they all are good ones, each one with its own personality.

Peter Aronson wrote on 2003-10-03 UTC
Added variants with FIDE Pawns so everyone can test Pawns vs Prawns. ZRF Revision 1.1.

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