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Capablanca's Chess. Play Capablanca's Chess on the Play-by-Mail system![All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Fergus Duniho wrote on 2020-10-17 UTC

After my 11th move as Black in the following game log, for some reason the preset didn't announce I gave check (a minor bug, maybe):

It was actually a serious bug in Game Courier. It was not saving an array element to the proper scope. I have now fixed it.

Kevin Pacey wrote on 2020-10-17 UTC

Note to Fergus:

After my 11th move as Black in the following game log, for some reason the preset didn't announce I gave check (a minor bug, maybe):

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2017-12-12 UTC

Fixed. The gameids used for directory names no longer include apostrophes, but some directory names still include them, resulting in a mismatch between the expected directory name and the actual one. I fixed this by renaming the actual directory names to not include apostrophes.

Kevin Pacey wrote on 2017-12-12 UTC

Note to Fergus:

The preset for the early version of Capablanca Chess (10x8 board) seems to have a broken link or something. When I click on the diagram for that setup, I see an 8x8 chessboard preset instead.

Kevin Pacey wrote on 2017-03-27 UTC

Note to Fergus:

In case you missed my previous comment in this thread, or an old Kibbitz Comment I made, I believe a Capablanca Chess preset (which uses Capa's orginal setup for his 10x8 variant) has a bug, as happened in a game I had with Carlos a while back (we agreed to a draw eventually, or he would have run out of time to move).

Kevin Pacey wrote on 2017-02-26 UTC

Note to Fergus: In case you missed the now ancient Kibbitz Comment I gave to my currently ongoing game with Carlos, I seem to have encountered a bug, with one of the Capablanca Chess presets available, in making my last move (some weeks ago), which may be preventing Carlos from moving in our game.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2015-11-26 UTC
Capablanca's Chess will now display legal moves when you click on a piece.

M Winther wrote on 2006-05-28 UTC
Stephen, to create a 4-handed chess program that you can use as an
interface to play over the Internet is easy in Zillions. However, it's
not easy to make the engine play a good game of 4-handed chess. It's much
better at 2-handed chess.

I don't understand the argument that it allows a fools mate. Fide-
chess also allows a fools mate in two moves. But it still the best setup. BTW,
there is no fool's mate in Capablanca's chess.

(There is some problem with this message board software because it allows too 
long lines. Line break doesn't seem to work sometimes. I had to manually insert 
some CRs  in order not to exceed line length.)

Reinhard Scharnagl wrote on 2006-05-28 UTC
Hi Allan! There has been a public SMIRF answering immediately to only show its basic functionality. Thus it was playing weak by intention. Now there is an unrestricted free donationware version and a stronger and to be improved bonus version for serious donators.

Stephen Stockman wrote on 2006-05-28 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Casablanca Chess is inferior because the initial set-up allows a fools mate in 2. Gothic chess solves this problem. If u are good at working with computer programming can u help me create a program to play 4-way chess against the computer?

M Winther wrote on 2006-05-28 UTC
Try my zrf. How does it compare? Capablanca's Chess.
By the way, does anybody know why Capablanca's setup is, by some, regarded inferior to the setup in Gothic Chess, for instance?

Allan Markinson wrote on 2006-05-27 UTC
I played smirf and it really is weak. Can't you make it stronger?

Reinhard Scharnagl wrote on 2006-05-17 UTC
The Capablanca Chess game and a lot of other 10x8 variants based on its
piece set simply are special elements of Capablanca Random Chess' set of
starting arrays. Thus this and a lot of others could be played at SMIRF's
GUI + 8x8 and 10x8 chess engine, you might find at the SMIRF Site.

Ed Trice wrote on 2006-05-16 UTC
Gothic Chess Live Tournament
$300 First prize, $200 second prize, $100 third prize, $50 fourth prize


More details at:

Stephen Stockman wrote on 2006-05-11 UTC
excellent, thanks again

Stephen Stockman wrote on 2006-05-10 UTC
hey Jeremy, do u also have a pre-set where the archbishop and the chancellor start out set-up in-between the Knights and the Bishops?

Stephen Stockman wrote on 2006-05-10 UTC
GREAT!! thanks for the pre-set, i put up an open invite if anyone wants to play. can one of the editors add this pre-set to the top of the page for easy access in the future?

Jeremy Good wrote on 2006-05-10 UTC
Here's one for you, Stephen:


Stephen Stockman wrote on 2006-05-10 UTC
can someone please make a preset for Capablanca's Chess using the easily identifiable pieces used in Aberg's variation of Capablanca's Chess, thank you

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2004-11-28 UTC
No, they were not variants. I made some typos in the FEN code, and that is now corrected. Thanks for pointing this out.

Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2004-11-28 UTC
I suppose these are Capablanca´s variants, because it is not Capablanca´s original game, but Black has two bishops of the same color in both Presets.

Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2004-11-28 UTC
Initial setup is wrong in both Presets.

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