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Jetan Variant Graphics. James Spratt's graphics for Jetan variant Game Courier presets.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
James Spratt wrote on 2006-05-21 UTC
Thanks, Joe.  Yeah, you do get kind of fond of a few of those little
Barsoomians, especially some of the little Barsoomianettes.  I think ERB
would approve, and am glad you do, too. I like highly-detailed graphic
icons, although I realize they're not essential to play.

Tony put up several presets for Jetan a while back, and we rassled with
the colors for a black-and-orange board with black-and-orange figures as
an alternate board (which really should be the official first preset) and,
although it's not filled out yet, I think it's stunning.  It's there in
the Alphabetical Index under Jetan presets.  The mapboard is a real 2' x
3' board I made for the 4-inch sculpted set, painted as a map of ERB's
Mars.  If you mean adding more decorative Mars-Art graphics, I might do
some around the border sometime, kinda low-key so's not to distract.

Thanks again for the positive rating, too!

Joe Joyce wrote on 2006-05-21 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
A very beautiful set of graphics, close in spirit to ERB's treatment, but
how does anybody concentrate on the game? :-) 
Is there any way you could draw the Jetan Sarang board to match the
pieces, or would that take away from the game, or the ability to play the
game, too much?

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