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Large Variant 99 Contest Index Page. Missing description[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
David Howe wrote on 2002-09-02 UTC
The next large variant contest will probably happen sometime in 2003 or 2004, sometime after the 84 spaces contest (which hopefully will get off the ground sometime soon).

David Short wrote on 2002-09-01 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Isn't it about time that run another
Large Variants contest? I submit that every variant of 65 squares
or more which wasn't in the first contest which has been published
on this site since the original contest in 1999 ended (as well
as any new submissions) should be eligible. I submitted my variant
Doublechess (on a 16 by 8 board) just a couple of months after
the deadline for entries for the first contest. I had not been aware
of the existence of this site before then. David, Hans, Peter,
what say you? When are we going to get a new Large Variants contest
on this site??

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