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Kingsmen. 9x9 board with two extra Bishops. Pieces gain the King's moveset upon reaching the last three ranks.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Albert Lee wrote on 2021-07-11 UTC

A special thanks for creating this playable version!

H. G. Muller wrote on 2021-07-10 UTC
satellite=kingsmen files=9 ranks=9 graphicsDir=/graphics.dir/alfaeriePNG/ whitePrefix=w blackPrefix=b promoZone=3 maxPromote=4 squareSize=50 graphicsType=png lightShade=#CCCC11 darkShade=#339933 rimColor=#111199 coordColor=#CCCC11 borders=0 firstRank=1 useMarkers=1 promoOffset=4 pawn::fmWfcF::a3-i3 knight:N:::b1,h1 bishop::::c1,d1,f1,g1 rook::::a1,i1 crowned pawn:+P:K:guard: crowned knight:+N:NK:equesrex: crowned bishop:+B:BW:promotedbishop: crowned rook:+R:RF:promotedrook: king::KisO2::e1


Albert Lee wrote on 2021-07-09 UTC

I added more details on how I invented Kingsmen and the thought process behind it.

I also added a link to play Kingsmen on Zillions of Games.

Albert Lee wrote on 2021-06-28 UTC

Hi David,

Thanks for your question.

The crowned pieces have the ability to move one square in any direction like the King, but they are not royal. They can be captured just like any regular piece.

I've added a sentence to clarify this in the promotion section.

Albert Lee wrote on 2021-06-28 UTC

Thanks, Fergus.

David Cannon wrote on 2021-06-28 UTC

Do the "crowned" pieces become royal? I.e., do they gain ONLY the movement capabilities of the King, or do they have to be checkmated along with the King?

Ed. note: I've moved this to the Kingsmen thread on the assumption that was what was intended. Please let us know if this is the wrong place; it was originally posted as a comment on the home page.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2021-06-28 UTC

I made a few modifications and published this.

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