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Meta-Chess. Missing description[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Sean Bass wrote on 2021-02-02 UTC

Yes, I am still watching! I'll email you soon when I get the opportunity.

Thanks for the lead!

Joseph DiMuro wrote on 2021-01-31 UTC

Sean Bass, are you still watching this thread? Still looking for a copy of Meta-Chess? I have good news and bad news for you.

First, the good news. I own a copy of Meta-Chess, and I don't need to go hunting for it. I've got full access to it. :-)

Now the bad news.

  1. The book wasn't bound 100% correctly. There are a few places where a page is in the wrong place or missing completely. The book came that way. You might need both Jean-Louis Cazaux's copy and my copy to reconstruct a complete book.

  2. Some pages are slightly stained along one edge. The book did NOT come that way. Public service announcement: never leave a book (or anything else, really) on the floor of your car. Car fluids can leak and seep up through the carpet. O.O

  3. I'm pretty busy these days; I'm a college professor doing remote teaching. Not much time for mailing or digitizing things. Plus, I'm pretty attached to this book; not sure I'd want to give it up. Digitizing it? Could work. I'd normally say "what about copyright", but John William Brown might not mind his work being preserved if he's not selling it anymore.

Long story short: your quest isn't over, but at least you now have a second lead. :-) We can talk over email; my email address is in my profile.

Sean Bass wrote on 2021-01-22 UTC

Totally understand not wanting to sell it, and I am aware it's not a "book-book." And, ~ahem~ not to seem too grabby, but, if you happen to come upon it and want help with digitizing it, it would be a pleasure to assist. :-P

I will check back here, regularly to see what's come up here. I also have put out an APB for the book on Reddit here.

That's one lead now. The search continues!...

Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on 2021-01-22 UTC

I was in contact with him also long time ago and I have a copy his book. It is not a real book. I remember something like a student's project, with pages bounded with a spiral. Currently we are doing big works in my house so I can't reach that book immediately, but keep contact with me and I will see what I can do. Sell it, no I wish to keep it. Digitize it maybe but it might be a long task for more than hundred pages. I will see.

Sean Bass wrote on 2021-01-22 UTC

Yep, hearing all that, it would seem so.

If that is this case, then here's a call out to all chess variants enthusiasts.

If anyone who sees this has a copy of 'Meta-Chess' they are willing to sell to me or have a digitized copy they are willing to share, send me an email.

I'll put this out on the sub-reddit as well.

🕸Fergus Duniho wrote on 2021-01-22 UTC

His activity on this site dropped off right around the time I got involved with the site over 20 years ago, and I do not think I was ever in personal contact with him. Considering that he has no website of his own, his book is not sold through any other venue, he is probably 76 years old, and I can find hardly any information on him, I expect he is no longer selling this book.

Sean Bass wrote on 2021-01-21 UTC

Does anyone know if Mr. Brown is still selling 'Meta-Chess'?

If so, what is the up-to-date address to reach him? (I sent a money order to the address given, but it was returned back from the post office saying the address is undeliverable and unforwardable.)

I really would like a copy, if it is at all still possible.

George Duke wrote on 2008-08-08 UTC
Ten years ago in 2000 Brown made Glossary, which is not indexed but can be read from the different title pages. Glossary should get more prominence. Many definitions there are newly-cast, -coined, or frankly tentative, in anticipation of CVPage's whack at proliferation for its own sake. In particular for today's series of several Comments, Lame Piece is defined ''A piece whose move is impeded by one or more pass-through squares.'' Then ''pass-through squares'' are defined ''For certain line pieces a square that must be passed through in order to proceed to subsequent squares. A piece may neither stop nor capture on a pass-through square.'' I never saw the term lame before, so it is rare and by authority of CVPage Glossary for line pieces. (Some history here is for newcomers even many with expertise, because of high drop-out rate.)

Mark Thompson wrote on 2006-12-10 UTC
I got a reply to my own recent letter to John William Brown, in which he tells me that he's working on a revised version to come out next year. If I understood correctly the new edition will include some new material. He'll update the info on the webpage here when it's ready.

Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2006-01-02 UTC
John Brown writes,

'Hi Tony,

I've just began work on the Third Edition edition of Meta-Chess, which I
hope to have in stock by 03.31.06. It will be very similar to E-2 but with
errors corrected and the writing improved. Feel free to post this if you

Happy New Year,

John William Brown'

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