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Piece Promotion GamesA Zillions-of-Games file
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Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2006-01-21 UTC
yikes, those infernal elephants were still not promoting properely!
it seems, when given the option to promote to a general (moves like king)
or a pawn (with idea to promote up to higher piece than general), they
just got confused, and acted like idiots, for some reason.
so now, they can only promote to general, and they seem to like that,
except, the DrunkElephant, which is a complete idiot, no doubt, it is a
alcoholic lol.
so, i have just taken away it's ability to promote altogether!
ha ha yes, me, 1, DrunkElephant, 0, check and mate, game over :)
final verison can be downloaded at zillions site, it went up a few hrs

Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2006-01-16 UTC
ok i have updated this game, in shatranjelephants variant, the
'RollingElephant', 'ButterflyElephant' and 'DrunkElephant' were not
always promoting when they should of. 
'DrunkElephant' still may not always promote, i guess i named that piece
pretty well :)
also in 'chaturanga' variant, i reduced generals from 4 per side to 2
per side, for snappier play.

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