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Two Pipe Chess. Setup on 41-squares board looks like two tobacco pipes. (9x5, Cells: 41) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Greg Strong wrote on 2020-09-17 UTC

Although the rules don't state it, pawns on the first rank can move two spaces, subject to en passant capture. I determined this by looking at the Zillions implementation.

(zzo38) A. Black wrote on 2012-12-04 UTC

If you want to play game such that using standard FIDE pieces (no extra queen/etc), then, you use same setup, but pawns are now allowed to promote only to pieces not on the board (other than king and pawn), and this includes bishops.

Doug Chatham wrote on 2004-05-13 UTC
If a White pawn ends up at a4, then it's stuck there.

Anonymous wrote on 2004-05-12 UTC
What happens if, by capturing, a White pawn ends up at a4?

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