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Dabbabante Chess.. Played on a 10x10 board with Super Dabbabah pieces. (10x10, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Georg Spengler wrote on 2015-01-04 UTCPoor ★
Doesn't work. The dabbabante exerts too much pressure on the 2th/9th rank.

Abdul-Rahman Sibahi wrote on 2007-02-03 UTC
I've made a Games Courier preset for this variant, but for some reason I can't upload to the site. So, I'll post the link here.

David Paulowich wrote on 2006-01-03 UTC
In Nova Michael Howe's Nova Chess 100, Pawns promote to Dragons, which move like a Queen and captures like a Super Queen.

Alan Redgown wrote on 2006-01-03 UTC
'Super' pieces, huh? Interesting concept... Imagine the power of a Super Queen...

George Duke wrote on 2005-02-01 UTC
'DEF,LargeCV': Good write-up by Peter Aronson of what is nevertheless a poor game. Reaching only one-fourth of the squares, Dabbabante does not add anything to chess, making Dab. Chess an inadequate 'idea' game not worth playing. The weak novelty stems from un-chess-like division of basic pieces into Wazir, Ferz, Alfil and Dabbaba, whence Dabbaba-Rider('-Leaper') as some inevitable derivation. Alfil itself at least, as in Shatranj, by movement transverse to 'orthogonal' Pawn, creates interesting chess combinations. Yet the piece Dabbabante might become compelling with Berolina Pawns instead, together with minor change of other piece(s) in 10x10 array. V.R. Parton shows no inclination to follow through in plopping Dabbabante in lieu of Chancellor and Archbishop in decimal chess.

David Paulowich wrote on 2004-10-08 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Since source code like ../lib/javascript/ffen2diag.js is completely invisible on my primary computer (with custom security settings) I would like to thank you for mentioning 'the above graphic'. That way I can at least know that I am missing something. NOTE: I can't actually tell you what my security settings do, besides shut down all JAVA, because my external security program currently denies me access to the MSIE 'Internet Options' tab.

Greg Strong wrote on 2004-10-08 UTC
Cool! Thank you for redirecting that; I am looking forward to reading it ...

Peter Aronson wrote on 2004-10-08 UTC
Well, I don't know what happened to the PDF version of the book, so I've
changed the link to point at the text instead.

Greg Strong wrote on 2004-10-07 UTC
The link to 100 Squares for Chess and Damate is no longer good. :(

Peter Aronson wrote on 2004-04-15 UTC
Never mind, it was the diagram that was wrong -- all fixed now!

Peter Aronson wrote on 2004-04-15 UTC
Charles, the diagram is correct -- thanks for pointing that out. I'll fix the table and add a link to <u>100 Squares for Chess and Damate</u> later today.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2004-04-15 UTC
The list of array positions shows the Bishops and Knights placed symmetrically for Black as well as White, but the diagram shows them transposed on Black's King side. Which is correct and, if the latter, why?

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