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Miller's Spherical Chess on Game Courier

Spherical Chess is an adaptation of Chess to a spherical board in which the files meet at the poles, and pieces are capable of both transpolar and circumpolar moves. The transpolar move of the Rook is straightforward enough that it is the same in other Spherical Chess variants. Like Grayber's before it, Miller's gives the Bishop a transpolar move that lets it zig-zag between poles in a way that can cover all spaces of the same color on an empty board. Such a move generally requires computer assistance, because it can be hard for human players to visualize. Also like Grayber's, the Knight closest to the pole has only two transpolar moves. These go two spaces past the pole and then left or right one space. Unlike Grayber's, the Knight in the second rank from a pole also gets two transpolar moves, giving it a total of eight possible moves. These go one space toward the pole, one space past it, and then turn right or left one space.

This preset enforces the rules, displays legal moves, and spots winning and draw conditions. To make the visualization of transpolar moves easier, it can be played on a display of two hemispheres. You can rotate them by choosing the files they meet at. They can be seen side-by-side in a landscape display or one-over-the-other in a portrait display. Desktops will default to the landscape display while mobile devices will usually use the portrait display, but you can set it to what you want. This game can also be played on a regular Chess board, which can make other moves easier to visualize. You can switch which type of board you're viewing the game on by changing themes.

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Written by Fergus Duniho
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