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This page is written by the game's inventor, (zzo38) A. Black. This game is a favorite of its inventor.

123456 Chess

This game can be played with a combination chess/checkers/backgammon set, if it has 2 dices for each player. The doubling cube isn't used in this game.


Setup just like in chess, but in front of the queen's pawn and king's pawn you put 2 dices of your color with number 1 on top, and you put 1 single checker in the same space as each of your rooks. After the rook or checker moves, they can no longer be in the same place, they only start in the same place. But if the opponent lands on the space with your rook and checker without either of them moved yet, then both pieces are captured.


Play just like normal chess, but check/mate rules doesn't apply (so you are allowed to castle out of/through/in to check if you want). You need to capture opponent's king to win. You also win if opponent has no legal moves on their turn. Checkers move and capture just like in game of checkers, singles moving only forward, and doubles moving forward or backward. When a single reaches the end, it becomes a double (but it doesn't continue jumping on the same turn). If your checkers can jump over opponent's pieces, then you must jump (and capture), and you must continue jumping if possible, but you are not obliged to make the longest possible series of jumps if there are multiple choices. A dice moves according to what number is on top: 1=pawn, 2=knight, 3=bishop, 4=rook, 5=queen, 6=king. A number 1 does not have double steps or promotion, but it is allowed to capture real pawns using en passant. Also, instead of moving, you may increase the number on one of your dices by 1 (this wastes a turn), but when it is 6 it may not increase any more, and you may not have two sixes. If you capture an opponent's dice, you put back number 1 on top and put it on any vacant space on the board (even a 6 if captured reverts to 1). But, if you capture opponent's real king when they have a number 6 in play, then the dice is removed from the game and the king moves to its place. That is the only way to remove a dice, and sixes can even protect your king in this way.

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By (zzo38) A. Black.
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