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This page is written by the game's inventor, Max K..

Tiraspol chess

Tiraspol chess

(translated from Russian)

I do not know whether a similar game has been published before, so I ask you to warn me in advance if something similar has already been created.

The game was invented and tested for the first time at the local chess club Tiraspol (hence the name), in 2015. More than 50 games were played, this game was found interesting and playable.
Rules of the game
A set of classic chess is completely suitable for the game. Game time - 10-20 minutes.
The game is played according to the FIDE chess rules, castling and en passant are also allowed.
The main feature of the game is that the pieces, depending on the location on the board, can change the possibilities of taking other pieces.

Diagram. №1. Lines.

Being on the line of a knight, the queen fully retains the capabilities of her turn, but she can only capture pieces as a knight (while she is on his line). Similarly, the bishop, being on the line of the king, changes his properties - he walks like a bishop, and captures other pieces like a king (deprived of royal privileges).
You may notice that the bishop may change color orientation).

Diagram. №2. Rook, located on the line of the knight, can take the black queen. However, she cannot take the black pawn.

In their original positions, pieces go the same way as other figures beat.

The pawn moves in the same way as in FIDE chess.

Diagram. №3. An interesting feature of this game is that the king in certain positions can declare check or checkmate to another king. On the diagram, white mates black.
Optional rule.

When the pawn reaches the last rank (the eighth for White and the first for Black, respectively), the player must replace the pawn with the piece on which line it is located. So the rook pawn is transformed only into a rook, the knight's pawn - into a knight, etc. A king’s pawn has the right to turn into any piece except the king (at the player’s choice).

All these rules can be transferred to other chess-type games.

I apologize for the stylistic errors in the translation.

Problems will be published soon.

(c) Max K. (Candle), 2019

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