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Jean-Louis Cazaux is, besides one of the editors of this website, also author of two books on Chess Variants. The first one is titled Guide des échecs exotiques et insolites, which has appeared in the beginning of February 2000. The second book appeared end 2000, and was coauthored by Pascal Reysset. It is titled L'univers des Échecs. The books are written in French. Cazaux also coauthored a third book titled The anatomy of chess, and wrote a book on track games called du Senet au Backgammon.

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The Guide des échecs exotiques et insolites is published by :

CHIRON Editeur
10, Rue Léon Foucault
Tel: 33-1-30-14-19-30
Fax: 33-1-34-60-31-32
Email: (email removed contact us for address)

The Univers des échecs is published by

    Editions BORNEMANN
    62, rue Blanche
    75009 PARIS

    ISBN : 2-85182-631-X
    Price : 139 F = 21.19 Euros.


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