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Privacy Policy


The cookies we save about our visitors are minimal, and they are all for supporting site functionality. These include a SESSION cookie for anyone who signs in, a cookie for storing the userid of someone who has been signed in before, which is there to help you sign in more quickly, and cookies about the dimensions of your device for the purpose of displaying game boards in Game Courier at a size best fitting the available screen space of your mobile device. While advertisers may use cookies to track you in more invasive ways, their cookies are not from our site and have not been put in place by us.


This site includes advertising from Amazon, eBay, Google Adsense, and Pepperjam. These sites may use cookies to track your interests, but we do not. When you click on an ad, you will be taken to another site, and we will not record your activity in any way. This site does not keep track of individual visitors.

Information Stored About Members

If you become a member of this site, your activity here and the information you provide about yourself will be visible to other visitors. This includes comments you leave, pages you post, games you program or play, information you make available about yourself, and the last time you logged in, but it does not include which pages you visited. So, if you merely browse and read the site, we will not know.

If you provide us with your email address, you have the option of keeping it private or of displaying it as a script-generated captcha to people who are not signed in. This is for the convenience of people with a legitimate reason to contact you. We do not list members' email addresses in any manner that could be easily harvested, and we do not sell email addresses to anyone. Other information we require from members is name, userid, and password. Your name may be a pseudonym if you wish to keep your identity private. Your password will be kept encrypted, so that no one can read it from the database. You may provide any other information about yourself for public display, but you are not required to.

Because this is an old site, some email addresses of authors do appear in old pages, and even now, some visitors leave their email addresses in comments. However, we do not make it a practice to display email addresses of current contributors or members as plain text. And even when email addresses are displayed as plain text, they are normally modified by Cloudflare, which handles our DNS, to not appear as plain text in the version of the page delivered to our visitors.

When you sign in as a member, your ip address will be stored in your database entry. We do not keep running records of every ip address you use, but we do keep track of the latest one. The main use of this is to display dates and times in your timezone.

Information Stored About Authors and Inventors

Besides keeping information on members, we keep information on authors of our pages, inventors of Chess variants, and other notable people in the field of Chess variants. These include people who died before our site was up-and-running, various current members, and various past members, among others. If a past member made contributions to our site or the field of Chess variants, we will normally keep information on that person. If we find out that someone has died, we will mark that person as dead in our database, as it is useful to inform people who wish to contact a dead person that the person is in fact dead. Since we understand that dead people will not inform us of their deaths, we also keep track of the last time each member logged in. This is to give interested parties some indication of whether the person is taking a break or may be gone for good.