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The 38 challenge: Index

In autumn 1997, winter 1997/98, and beginning of spring 1998 a contest was held to design a chess variant on a board with 38 squares. Here you can find links to information on the contest, the entries, the winners, etc.

The submissions

  1. Hans38 Special. By Eric Greenwood.
  2. Quad-Square chess. By David Howe. 4th place!
  3. Hans38 Chess. A form of Limited Square Chess. By Ralph Betza.
  4. Small Spherical Chess. By Andrea Mori.
  5. The Weak Square of the Jumping King. By Joao Pedro Neto.
  6. Amoeba. By Jim Aikin. 3rd place!
  7. The Royal Standard. By Alexandre Muñiz.
  8. Cube+. By Jim Aikin.
  9. Guschess. By Gustavo Vargas.
  10. Flip Chess and Flip Shogi. By John William Brown. 2nd place!
  11. My38 Chess. By Dave Hogarty. 4th place.
  12. Pirates-Henge-Ho. By R. Stephen Chafe.
  13. Hourglass Chess. By Uri Bruck.
  14. Peanut Chess. By Philip John Brady.
  15. Chego and ChessNim on four special boards. By Alfred Pfeiffer.
  16. Crazy 38's. By Ben Good. 1st place!
  17. The Last Mourning. By Lester Jones.

The tournament

Also, a tournament is hold, where players compete playing the variants submitted to the contest.

Games played in the tournament

Some games played in the tournament have a webpage with their moves.

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